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We've developed a tried and true process to best serve our clients.


This process works efficiently to provide the best quality project for the owner. Due to the fact that every client and project is unique, we mold this process to meet our clients particular needs.


The unique components of this process consist of the following: free consultation, site survey, schematic design, construction documents, contractor selection, construction administration.



We will come meet with you at the location of the project and begin to establish your goals and specific program associated with the project. It is essential to identify all parameters of the project up front to ensure the focus is maintained throughout the project.


After we've finalized the design a member of our team will begin the drawing phase of the project. Hands-on construction knowledge is combined with architectural experience to work out problems and coordinate different trades on paper rather than in the field. This saves the owner time and money. Extensive field experience ensures that the drawings are annotated and detailed in order to minimize change orders.




My team will come to the location of the project and survey all the existing conditions necessary to allow us to begin the next stage of design. After returning to the office, a member of our team will draw up the existing conditions and research any local ordinances as well as check any zoning restrictions that could effect the project.

If this is a new build - skip this step!


If you don't have a contractor already, we bring a list of potential experienced and trusted contractors on board prior to bidding.




Based on our previous meeting and your goals of the project we will begin our schematic design process. This enables an educated decision for the direction of the project and sets up the project on the right path. Advantages and disadvantages are evaluated for each scheme so that the best design is chosen to fulfill the owner's goals. 


During construction, we will visit to ensure the project is being build as planned. We can run job meetings and issue job minutes. Jobs under construction are priority. Our cell phone number is available to the team members and we are on call to quickly resolve issues to keep construction running smoothly.

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